Connect Your Bank Account

Take just a few seconds to connect your bank account! This is how we will have the ability to round-up or take a percentage of your transactions (whatever you prefer and specify). We do not store any financial information.

Set up your account

Select exactly how you want to accumulate money to donate, down to the penny! We welcome however you are comfortable accumulating funds to donate, we want you to change the world at your own pace. You can either round-up your transactions to the nearest whole dollar or take a percentage of your transactions. You can pause or adjust your settings at any point!

Keep Living Your Life!

When you complete a transaction that triggers your selected settings we will automatically transfer the amount to your Symb account. Sit back and relax, you’ll be bettering the world without even realizing it!

Donate Your Funds!

Once you accumulate a balance of $5 in your Symb account you are able to donate to any of our partnered nonprofit organizations. Select your favorite organization or find a new one using our search filters and categories! We log all of your donations for you.

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SYMB app

Symb is a free app created to provide you with a unique way of directly benefiting causes you are
passionate about while being financially-friendly and transparent!