Our Story

A Symb-iotic Relationship

Symb was founded by me, Garrett Brown, a recent Michigan State University graduate with a passion for creating an impact that will outlive my time on earth. I created the idea for Symb as a senior in high school in 2016 and I knew it was my calling. However, when it became time to decide on whether I was going to attend college or pursue developing a start-up I quickly pushed my dream of creating Symb to the side. It was a long and scary road — my passion seemed unattainable. As I attempted to study for upcoming exams I found myself focusing on Symb and ideas I had for the company. Yes this did take a toll on my GPA, sorry mom! My undergraduate career was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I was still too scared to attempt to start Symb as it was still just a fun fantasy I would dream about. I took a gap year to attempt to figure my life out and this is when my outlook on life changed forever. In September of 2020 my older brother Steven passed away at only 30 years old. Before his passing, we had lunch where we talked about our futures like starting a family, traveling, careers, you name it. I could not wait to see where life was going to take us and I was so excited to watch us both grow and become the father we wish we had. The concept of death really got to me and the importance of following my passion and leaving an impact that outlived my time on earth overtook me. My biggest fear is dying with regret and there is no better time than right now to start as tomorrow is not promised. I knew it was time to stop running from my passion and to pursue Symb. I reached out to my neighbors Dusan and Ivana to help me put my scrambled ideas spanning across four years into a tangible product. It took many months but we finally got Symb developed and released in the App Store and Google Play Store. Now as a small start-up, our goal is to acquire partners and provide our users with the ability to support every charitable organization across the world. We will bring much needed transparency and help guide society through the unknown future. We will create an impact that will outlive us and benefit future generations, penny by penny. We are not an app, we are a movement.

What Is The Goal?

Our goal is to change the way charitable donations are made forever by providing users with a modern method of supporting non profit organizations across the globe. We will bring transparency, technology, and financial flexibility in order to fix a flawed system. We are not here to make money, we are here to change the world. The impact we will have on society will be revolutionary. This is only the beginning.

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SYMB app

Symb is a free app created to provide you with a unique way of directly benefiting causes you are
passionate about while being financially-friendly and transparent!