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Support causes you are passionate about at your own pace by rounding-up your transactions and donating to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

What Is Symb?

Great question! You know that screen at the store that asks you to round-up your transaction to donate to charity? That is exactly what Symb is, just in app form. We provide users with the ability to support the causes they are passionate about at their own pace. It is our goal to change the way charitable donations are made and how they are handled. It is beyond time to address the issues with our current system. We are creating an army of change, pun somewhat intended, and we would love to have you on our side!

Join the army of change!

A Symb-iotic Relationship

We know all of the questions you have when you see the donation screen at the store! Where is my donation actually going? Isn’t my donation just a tax write-off for the company? What if I can’t afford to round-up my transaction right now? How do I use this donation as a tax write-off? We have all of the answers for you, don’t worry. We partner directly with nonprofit organizations to provide you with accurate information and updates regarding your donation. We give you the power to decide exactly how you want to round-up your transactions. Only want to round-up transactions ending in 75 cents or higher? Not a problem! We welcome it all, every cent makes a difference. We log all of your donations with the necessary information for tax write-offs. It is our goal to bring transparency, financial flexibility, and ease to the realm of charitable donations.

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SYMB app

Symb is a free app created to provide you with a unique way of directly benefiting causes you are
passionate about while being financially-friendly and transparent!